Salvadorian and Mexican Restaurant & Pupuseria
Redwood City, California


A Restaurant with Traditional Latin American Warmth and Friendliness

Our restaurant is a lively place with families smiling, conversations and laughs with a friendly and humorous staff

When we say that we welcome families we mean it! We make families and kids feel comfortable, and the same goes for groups. Individuals and couple also abound and they mix well with the liveliness we love!

Besides their experience, our staff is indeed warm, friendly and they can advise you on dishes to fit your taste, hunger or what goes with what. Please ask them questions about different flavors, spiciness, which are the most traditional dishes and what children like better - they have seen it all!

We invite you to come for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner or at any time of the day you may be hungry or want to have a break and please feel comfortable as if you are our guest, and enjoy our place, ambiance, and food.