Salvadorian and Mexican Restaurant & Pupuseria
Redwood City, California


Truly Traditional Salvadorian & Mexican Dishes

Our dishes are carefully prepared with selected fresh ingredients and following tested centuries old recipes.

The most important ingredient of our dishes is the traditional recipes we use, most probably centuries old, many of then with special blends of spices and cooking methods passed from generation to generation! One of our main goals is to preserve these traditional Salvadorian recipes and to prepared them as true as possible to the originals.

One characteristic of our dishes is that every single dish and all of its components is prepared from scratch, the same as our sauces. For instance, every tamale is prepared by ourselves , one by one. And, every day we prepare the sauces to be used during the day.

The selection of ingredients, produce, fish, seafood and meats is carefully done to assure the right flavor and quality. Our cooks are well trained and experienced in creating specifically these dishes

Besides our traditional dishes, we also carry sodas from Mexico and el Salvador such as Coca-Cola from Mexico, which is done with real sugar instead of syrup as in the USA, which our clients claim is better tasting.