Salvadorian and Mexican Restaurant & Pupuseria
Redwood City, California

Mexican and Salvadorean Restaurant with traditional food from Mexico and El Salvador located in Redwood City, California
Camarones a La Diabla, shrimps prepared MExican style in Redwood City
Camarones or Shrimps are ampng the best Mexican Seafood dishes!
A typical MExican and Salvadorean dish is Pescado Frito, or Fried Fish, which you can now find in Redwood City!
Pollo Frito o Pollo al Horno, known as Fried chicken and Baked Chicken are just delicious typical Mexican Dishes.
Quesadillas. home style, como hechas en casa!
Caldo de res, typical Mexican and Central American heart soup.
Carne Asada, beef Mexican and Latin American style.
Pupusas, the famous dish from El Salvador, a typical Latin American dish made home style.

A Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Authentic Salvadorian and Mexican Restaurant

We are proud of offering authentic Salvadorian food, as well as traditional Mexican home-style dishes with our known warm and friendly service!

We create authentic Salvadorian food because besides growing up with it we have found that people likes it very much!

Some dishes are close to traditional Mexican food so we have many clients that love Mexican food and want to try the differences of Salvadorian dishes such as Pupusas while feeling comfortable with what they feel is a known overall cuisine culture and approach.

People like our Salvadorian food -or "Comida SalvadoreƱa"- because it is very flavorful ("muy sabrosa!") and it is also nutritious. For instance, breakfast is a very busy time for us because our clients come for the flavor, nutrition and size of our dishes which prepared then well to start a new day. Whole families or work teams come to have breakfast with us.

About Us

We decided to create a home-style Salvadorian Restaurant because our satisfaction is to see that our clients like our food, they leave happy and they return!

I studied Aeronautical Engineering and worked many years in mechanical applications jobs. All my life I liked food, cooking, and especially the typical Salvadorian food I grew up with. After many years playing with the idea of turning this love of food and cooking into a business, one day with my wife we decided to create Zipote.

Of course money is always a motivator in starting a business, but our deepest satisfaction is to recreate century old recipes and to see that our clients like them, they get surprised by some of them, and they return. Now we see clearly that this was our intuition and motivation to start the restaurant, and we were right.

The only time that we have advertised is when we openned the redstaurant, and it was in an old-style way that it's not that seen any more, that is myself standing with a sign outside the restaurant! As soon as people started coming we never had to do advertisement again; our clients have been our best sales people.

We are a family owned restaurant, we like coming to greet out clients everyday. We are really family oriented restaurant that welcome families with children of all ages to enjoy our food!

Our story is deeply tied to the concept of family and home-style food traditions, which we strive to make our clients feel the experience of a family meal approach.

For the future we plan to integrate more Mexican dishes, grow into a bigger place and to do official catering, which today we do partially as to-go orders.